R&A Black - Your Personal Concierge

R&A Black

Your Personal Concierge

The R&A Black Concept

R&A Black is a concierge service for purchasing your new bicycle, parts, accessories and apparel. Located at R&A Headquarters in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, an experienced personal shopper will guide you through the purchasing process without typical retail distractions. R&A Black is a purpose-built, comfortable and private showroom that allows you to explore everything we have to offer. The culmination of over four decades experience, R&A Black is what we believe to be the best way to purchase a high-end bicycle.

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Who Is R&A Black For?

R&A Black is for cyclists seeking a world-class, personalized retail experience, and a full cycling solution that precisely meets their individual needs. R&A Black is suitable for cyclists seeking high-end bike purchases or custom builds, and is crafted based on your needs and wants from start to finish. With our extensive knowledge and depth of premium inventory, we guarantee a bespoke solution to impress even the most discerning cyclist.

The Domestique - Your Personal Shopper

Our R&A Black team have decades of experience in bicycles, fitting and mechanics. We know the questions to ask to help you navigate the endless options, and zero-in on the right options that will best complement your individual needs. Our personal shopper is your own 'domestique', a valuable advisor and assistant, committed to helping you achieve the best possible outcome. R&A Black clients purchase the ideal products with comfort and ease, and can be sure of the absolute highest quality bike build and fitting, guaranteed.

The Sensei Bike Fitting Process

Sensei is a proprietary process, developed through R&A Cycles’ 40+ years experience mastering bike fit. The Sensei process is based on listening, teaching, calculations and intuition, applied with the knowledge of the most experienced fit technicians on the planet. The outcome is cyclists that feel good and perform well on their bicycles long after they leave the fitting studio.

The R&A Black Space

R&A Black is a purpose built, private space designed to achieve your ideal shopping experience. This means your booking can be alone, or you can bring family or a trusted friend to help you decide. The exclusive client area is your own space to explore products, watch TV, work uninterrupted, or just relax. Prior to your arrival, a pre-consultation allows us to curate a selection of products to suit your requirements. The space is also catered for your own preference of music, food, beverages or any other comfort.

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The Brands Available Exclusively At R&A Black.

R&A Black allows clients exclusive access to niche brands that are not available through our website or Brooklyn, New York retail store. Passoni Custom, Parlee Custom and others are available exclusively through R&A Black, ensuring the highest level of service delivery, and unrivalled performance and individuality for the rider.


Take a behind the scenes look at R&A Cycles' inner workings. You can privately tour our fulfilment center and step into our mechanic’s department to learn what goes into building a high-end bicycle. Observe, ask questions, and acquire intricate knowledge of your bicycle to take home with you.

A Lifelong Client Relationship

R&A Black is a lifelong client relationship. You will maintain a dedicated line with your concierge and mechanic for the highest level of post-sales support and service. Your R&A Black concierge can assist you with any further questions, advice, product needs or other requirements.

Our Headquarters

R&A Black:
468 Baltic St.,
Brooklyn. NY. 11217
Phone: (718) 222-6001
Email: black@racycles.com